DCS coach under fire for social media comments

(WTVY News 4)
Published: May. 30, 2020 at 1:13 PM CDT
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Social media posts made by a Dothan High School coach is igniting a firestorm of controversy. Those comments by Timothy Gillespie are related to the death of George Floyd, the Minnesota man who died in police custody this week.

Gillespie's Facebook comments came after several nights of riots across the country.

In his first post it reads, “I just heard that no work boots, or garden implements nor any other work related items have been stolen during the looting. Seems all the library books and the employment officers are all untouched as well.”

Dothan City Schools Head of Communications Megan Dorsey says an investigation is underway into the comments but would not confirm the identity of the teacher.

DCS also issued a post on Facebook this morning saying, “Dothan City Schools Superintendent Dr. Phyllis Edwards has been made aware of the social media comments of a DCS employee, and DCS administration is taking the necessary steps to appropriately handle the situation. We assure you that we take this situation very seriously.”

In another post Gillespie, who is also a teacher, says “Want to clear out all the crowds rioting? Tell them another stimulus check is coming tomorrow. They will run home like their hair is on fire and their asses is catching.”

A final post reads “ok got to say it, if you answer to help solve social injustice is to burn, loot. and vandalize, you’re a special kind of stupid. George Floyd was a tragic murder. But the police that are letting people destroy burn and loot are wrong also, These people are not protesters. They are criminals. Tear gas them, rubber them, spray them with chemical water and blister their butts. But its time we 1. Took care of social injustice by putting George Floyds murder in an electric chair. 2. Start doing what ever it takes to stop the attitude of people who loot, burn and take part in the mob mentality. These are the people that actually need a knee in their neck.”

WTVY Sports Director Justin McNelley reached out to Dothan Wolves Head Coach Smitty Grider. Grider says, “he is aware of the situation and in no way supports what is said.” Grider went on to say that the issue was a personnel matter and was being dealt with.