DCS Board continues getting ready for restructuring in the Fall

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - The Dothan City School Board is getting ready for a major re-structuring for the 2019-20 school year. Although it’s made a lot a progress there is still a lot to do.

There may still be a few months left in the current school year, but Dothan City Schools Director of Safety, Security, and Attendance Scott Faulk and other administrators have already started thinking about next year.

The first task they had to take on - making the calendar, and they made one major change.

"This year we're not going to have a fall break, but we are starting later in the month of August, which brings us closer to that Thanksgiving,” said Faulk.

They also had to add a few more school days to meet the state requirement of 180 days, so next school year won't end until June 4th.

Four schools will be closing next year, which means that accounts, used for things like clubs, concessions and extended day will have to be closed too.

The school board decided where the money from each account will go next year.

"We'll cut checks from those schools and send them to the new schools, and that money will be used for the students there next year,” said Chief Financial Officer Mike Manuel.

Manuel says the accounts from the four schools total around $300,000 and will be fairly distributed.

The new high school will be moving up to 7A after next year, and a local radio group offered them $10,000 to broadcast football games on several different stations.

The money can help pay for re-branding with the new mascot and colors.

"The system was approached with the opportunity to expand coverage,” said Assistant Superintendent Todd Weeks. “We're excited about our brand, and our athletics and our school system as a whole being able to be promoted, actually throughout the south east."

In addition to everything the school board voted on, a group came to present a poster with the national motto, 'In God We Trust' on it.

Those posters will be hung in every school to go along with the National Motto Act that was passed last year.

The school board's next meeting will be April 15th at Beverlye Magnet School.

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