Criminal investigator by day, comedian by night

Trevor Price performs a comedy routine (Source: WALB)
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BLAKELY, GA (WALB) - An Early County deputy is working to make a big difference, not just during his day job, but at night away from his badge too.

The Blakely native is a criminal investigator by day and comedian by night.

Trevor Price is not your typical 23-year-old.

“I was the youngest African American police officer to be certified by 18," said Trevor Price.

That’s in Early County where he looks up to his mentors like his dad, the Early County Sheriff William Price.

“Trevor is a very, very intelligent young man. He is capable of doing almost anything," said William Price.

Trevor’s grandfather was one of the first black police officers in Blakely. His dad is the first black Sheriff, leaving big footprints for Trevor to fill.

Inspiring people through comedy and connecting the gap with law enforcement and the public through common ground: laughter.

“With all the stuff going on in the world right now, people need a sense of humor," Trevor said.

It wasn't easy appealing to all audiences at first, but now Trevor has found his groove both with criminal investigations and comedy.

“I came up in a house where there’s no cursing, there’s no disrespecting your parents," Trevor said. “And I want to promote the same thing I came up off of. I want kids to be able to take after me.”

He said his hope is to touch the life of at least one person by bringing joy to their lives.

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