Credit card giants urge gas companies to update skimming security

Published: Jul. 19, 2018 at 5:32 PM CDT
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Credit card companies are pressuring on gas stations across the nation, urging them to update their card systems to prevent skimming.

Credit card giants like Visa and MasterCard set a deadline for 2020 for gas stations, to either upgrade their security equipment or get higher credit card processing fees.

A European system has proven to be secure, and has been brought to the United States.

Locally Owned Home Oil Company says they have already made the upgrade to all their equipment.

Gary Amos, Home Oil Vice President says, "They tested it for many years found out it was a very safe secure system. There’s a lock on here that’s green that means it’s a safe secure system. If someone were to get into our dispenser system it shuts down immediately."

Amos said the cost of upgrading all the pumps was an estimated $2 million.

Home Oil Company owns twenty-six stores within a fifty-mile radius of Dothan.