Covenant Preschool and Daycare protects students from COVID-19

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- COVID-19 has forced many businesses to reevaluate how they run to prevent the spread of the virus.

When you walk through the doors of covenant preschool and daycare, you'll be greeted with a smile but also with a temperature check.

"We take the temperature because that is one of the few signs that is an indicator that there is something going on such as a virus or other kind of illness with each person. It's to keep everyone healthy and everyone safe not only for us, for the children, for the teachers, for their families and everyone they encounter," Sandi Scott, director of Covenant Preschool and Daycare said.

Due to COVID-19 the preschool was forced to find new ways to operate to keep everyone safe.

"These children as you can see are playing with legos and once they're done they will go back in the bucket. We will Lysol them really good, spray them down and we will set them out to dry and we will put them back in the bucket and they will get a whole new set of toys," Amber Cotter, teacher/office aide at Covenant Preschool and Daycare said.

With school out and more children being enrolled.

"They reach more people and more family members and anything that could be spread, could be spread at a spider web rate," Scott said.

The daycare is limiting toys, cleaning the toys and playground before and after use and tracking who comes in and out of their doors.

"We do maintain a clean environment anyway. We have just started doing it more throughout the day, a constant after children play with toys and go out to the playground there's another teacher that's designated to that room," Scott said.

Although social distancing is a difficult task at such a young age, staff continues to find creative ways to keep their employees and children healthy.

"Trying to do our best here instead of taking it home to my family, it's very important. Also these babies behind me are my children here and I love these children very much so it is very important," Cotter said.

Covenant Preschool and Daycare will continue to use these same standards and guidelines throughout their summer childcare program.

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