Court refuses to overturn Amos Newsome's conviction

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Dothan (WTVY)-- A second trial for a former Dothan city commissioner found guilty of assaulting a news reporter will likely be set in 2018. That’s because an appeals court refused to overturn the conviction.

Amos Newsome’s attorney argued the judge, who heard his 2016 municipal court trial, was illegally appointed by City Manager Mike West because only the mayor had authority.

Houston County Circuit Judge Michael Conway rejected the claim, ruling that the appointment did not deny Newsome a fair trial. Newsome then turned to the Alabama Court of Criminal appeals that recently sided with Conaway.

Dothan Police arrested Newsome, then a commissioner, after he assaulted WTVY reporter Ken Curtis. Curtis was questioning him about voter fraud allegations involving his campaign.

Judge Carl Chamblee of Trussville found Newsome guilty of third degree assault, fined him five hundred dollars and gave him a suspended a 10-day jail sentence.

Amos Newsome was defeated in August 1 and left office in October.