Couples deal with wedding changes due to COVID-19

Published: Apr. 5, 2020 at 12:48 PM CDT
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No one ever imagines having to postpone or even cancel their wedding. The coronavirus has impacted many couples. Some have postponed to a later date or just went through with the ceremony but with only immediate family.

It all starts with the proposal, then the confirmation from the bride to be. When it happened, Jessica Nguyen was in shock and said yes. Jessica and her fiancé Michael Phan have been counting down the days to say “I do.”

“So we’ve actually been together 11 years. We dated in high school. He went to Ocean Springs and I went to St. Martin and we just had mutual friends and we’ve been dating for 11 years and finally, we decided to get married,” she said.

The high school sweethearts didn’t expect their wedding plans to be canceled due to a pandemic.

“Obviously once the outbreak got closer we still tried to plan for it, I really didn’t want to give up yet. I had that little tiny bit of hope I kept holding on to and then finally, we’re Catholic, we were going to do it at the catholic church, and finally, that came down and they said the bishop canceled all Catholic Masses. And I was like ok, well great, that’s perfect."

Jessica and Michael were expecting over 400 people at their wedding, so they decided to push it back to a later date so everyone can attend.

On the other hand, one couple just couldn't wait. Katy and Justin Sutton went through with their wedding and all their guests were watching, but from Facebook.

“So I was real excited; my dream was coming true, but you know things don’t always work out how you think they’re going to so I had to come up with plan Z I think."

Katy’s dream still came true just not how she planned. Friends and family were active during the Facebook Live with several cheerful comments.

“I think to me you know. We’re two people that love each other and we wanted to be married and it got to a point where you know it may not be what you expected or what you thought it was going to be but that love between us is what we expected and thought it would be. There wasn’t much of a reason to delay that,” Justin said.

With no delay the Suttons tied the knot, but look forward to a larger ceremony in the months to come.

Both couples say their vendors were understanding with all the changes. Some even issued refunds if they couldn’t match with their new dates.

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