County leaders vote to remove sunset clause on education tax

DOTHAN Ala.(WTVY)- County Commissioners and school representatives gathered around to discuss doing away with the sunset clause and for both school systems getting rid of this is a must.

Houston County Superintendent David Sewell said, “Sunset clause extends out borrowing power it's been in effect since 1990 and this just lets it continue on without having to go through the paperwork of bringing it back up. "

Superintendent David Sewell and Dr. Phyllis Edwards agree it's time to remove the sunset clause on a one-cent sales tax for education.

"Right now we have several things mandated by the state that we're having to build and at this point, we also need to hire more teachers to keep our class loads down."

By ending the clause school systems will be able to borrow money for school projects for a lengthier period of time.

Dothan City School Chairman Mike Schmitz said, “We went out to borrow some money and what the sunset law did was limit the way we negotiated to get the money and the bond and the terms so by removing it allows us to be better Stewarts of tax payer's money."

Now that county commissioners are on board with the move the request can move forward

Houston County Commission Chairman Mark Culver said, “It has to be advertised for four weeks and then submitted to our legislator delegation who hopefully will run it through the process amend the act and that will go away to benefit the two school boards and the county also."

The legislative sessions begin on March 5.

The tax generates around twenty million dollars a year and eight million is given to the school systems to use for infrastructure

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