Cottonwood Rescue gets new ambulance

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DOTHAN Ala.(WTVY)- Currently Cottonwood Rescue is borrowing an ambulance van from Ozark, however, they are working on getting their own.

Hurricane Michael knocked one of the Cottonwood Rescue's ambulances out of service... but in a few weeks, they should have their own.

Cottonwood Ambulance and Rescue Captain Rickey Stokes said, “Emergencies don't pick locations or victims. So it's important to have quality medical care, so we think it's important we have top-notch equipment."

Cottonwood Rescue has answered around five hundred calls this year and a new box-style ambulance will have a few advantages over the van ambulance.

Cottonwood Rescue Worker Broc Collins said, “We want another box ambulance which is what 3508 was. Box ambulances to have more room in them they're nicer they're just better ambulances all around. "

But a new ambulance comes with a cost they really can't afford right now. One ambulance is priced around $90,000 which is why the sooner they get it the better to help generate some revenue.

"Before we lost 3508 we were doing transports but when we lost transports, in return was a loss of income. So we just need to get back on transports," says Stokes.

Cottonwood has applied for a loan for the cost of two new ambulances.

They'll know in a few weeks if they're approved. If so, they expect to get them around the first of the year.

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