Cottonwood Rescue in need of donations

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COTTONWOOD, AL (WTVY) -- If you called 9-1-1 in Cottonwood, you'd get emergency service right now.
Cottonwood Rescue opened its doors again in January.

But the department is in the middle of some financial trouble that could jeopardize safety.

Cottonwood Rescue restarted operations on January 8th.
However, starting a week later means the department missed getting all the first quarter funding, that would have been a total of $12,000.

So now, the squad is operating on much less - just over $5,000.

The Captain of Cottonwood Rescue, Rickey Stokes told me that the emergency medical service squad needs to cover expenses to stay in operation.

Things such as repairing the lights on one of the ambulances alone can cost nearly $500.
Disposing of the used supplies can often break $100.

These expenses have Cottonwood Rescue looking to the community for donations.

Stokes says "We're discussing different ideas for some different types of fundraisers, that's the reason we're kind of asking for donations. If you want to donate and help, and help with some of the cost, some of the members are staying at the station."

If they don't get the full funding, emergency crews would have to come from other places, such as Dothan. And it could take as long as 45 minutes for help to get to a scene.

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