Coppinville Junior High adds supper to the menu

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Oct. 9, 2019 at 12:19 AM CDT
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Coppinville Junior High School students got an extra meal today before going home, and they got it for free.

They will get a free extra meal everyday thanks to a new supper program.

Every student is eligible and around 200 swarmed the lunchroom Tuesday as soon as the bell rung.

A number that has continued to rise since they started the program last week.

"They give you a chance of a PB & J or like a grilled chicken sandwich, but they change it every day," said Coppinville Junior High 7th Grader Dalton Owens.

On his way out to the car line after school, Dalton Owens picked up an after school meal.

Thanks to a new supper program at Coppinville Junior High, the meal was free.

"There's kids that get an opportunity to eat supper because they might not get a meal until late in the afternoon when their parents get home,” said Owens. “I'd like them to take advantage of it."

That is exactly the reason that Principal Debbie Hope pushed for the supper program in the first place.

"When they get home, that's the first thing they want to do is eat, so they get to do that before they leave school in the afternoons,” said Hope. “They come home with a little more time on their hands."

Hope put out a survey to all the students at the begin of the year asking who would be interested in the supper program, and more than half said they would take advantage of it.

The funding comes from a state grant, which is why it is free to the students.

"I got the PB&J because I didn't know how the country fried steak tasted, so I just got the PB&J," said 7th Grader Bryan Thomas.

Whether they are daring enough to try the country fried steak or they stick with the classic PB&J, all these students have to do is punch in their number to give them a full stomach and the school peace of mind.

"We get the comfort of knowing we aren't sending kids home hungry at night,” said Hope.

Enterprise High School has also adopted the free supper program.