Cookie dough parlor in New York City offers unique experience with sweet treat

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New York City, New York (Reuters / CBS Newspath) - It looks like an ice cream parlor. Workers are scooping colorful mounds of sweets into cups and cones. But what the workers are serving is raw cookie dough.

It looks like an ice cream parlor. Workers are scooping colorful mounds of sweets into cups and cones. But what the workers are serving is raw cookie dough. Courtesy: Reuters / CBS Newspath

'DŌ (pronounced Dough) - Cookie Dough Confections' opened in New York City's Greenwhich Village less than one month ago, and it's already gathered a following of eager eaters.

The cookie dough cups sell for $3 (USD) for one scoop, $7 for two scoops and $9 for three scoops.

"So it's kind of set up like an ice cream parlor. So you can get a scoop of all of these different flavors. We have about 17 different cookie dough flavors, including some gluten free, some vegan. You could do it in a cup or a cone. You could pair it with ice cream," explained DŌ owner Kristen Tomlan during an interview with Reuters on Friday (February 17).

"It's really like cookie dough gone wild."

Customers can choose from flavors such as "Sugar Cookie", "Brownie Batter" and "Salty & Sweet" and the candies mixed into the dough can include chocolate chips, sprinkles, M&Ms, peanut butter cups.

"I think everybody loves cookie dough. There's something nostalgic about it. It reminds people of their childhood. It brings them back to the kitchen, with their mother or their grandmother, just kind of baking and licking the spoon or having a few bites of what they were doing. It brings everybody back to this childhood state that is just a very happy place," said Tomlan.

For years, people have been warned not to eat cookie dough because the raw eggs inside the dough can sicken people. But Tomlan said she has worked out a recipe for success.

"We do two things. We change the egg. The egg that we use is a pasteurized egg. So it is completely safe to eat, just how it is. It also allows us to still bake the product. And then the flour, the flour is something that is also a raw product that could potentially harbor bacteria. So we use a heat-treated flour product that is completely safe to eat. It's manufactured for consumption. So there's no chance of getting sick."

Using social media sites such as Instagram, customers have spread the word about the cookie dough shop. Many people take pictures of their dessert cup and post the picture before eating it. The shop's Instagram page, cookiedonyc, had more than 92,800 followers as of Friday.

"Everyone at my ballet studio, we follow this page on Instagram. And I've been waiting like weeks to come here and show everyone how amazing it is," said 16-year old Sarah Pfeiffer.

As the shop opened its doors at 10:00 am, a long line of customers had already formed. Tomlan said on weekends, customers could wait in line for up to three hours.

After waiting in line for about 20 minutes, Marla said, "It was totally worth waiting in line. I would wait in the line if it was 20 times longer. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever and it just pleases me in every single way."

To satisfy the demand, the shop's on-site bakery operates 22 hours a day. Each day, Tomlan said the store sells 1,200 pounds (544 kilograms) of cookie dough.

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