Dothan paving project for downtown road improvements

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- For many, nothing is more annoying than driving on bumpy roads, it's the quickest way to damage your car.

The City of Dothan is doing something about it with its re-surfacing project on downtown roads.

It all started with city commissioners agreeing to spend two million dollars to improve more than forty streets in the Circle City.

Civil Engineer Tyler Reeder said, “We try to do it during our hotter months so we usually start at the middle of the summer and try to finish up throughout the fall.”

Citizens have asked for these road improvements and the city is working to get them done.

“We rate them based on their condition we put together our project list each year which is typically 10 to 15 miles depending on the condition of the street how wide the streets are and we put together a project list based on what we feel like meets the citizens' best needs as far as traffic volume."

People who drive on North Saint Andrews, East Adams, East Burdeshaw, East Newton and South Appletree Streets will soon have a smoother ride.

Southside Baptist Church sits on the corner of South Appletree and Cottonwood Road.

Some church members were afraid traffic in the area would have to re-route during the project.

Senior Pastor at Southside Baptist Stacy Stafford said, "We have multiple accesses to get into the campus so I don't think it will affect it at all so I believe in this area everyone is going to be grateful for the improvements of the roads."

Work crews hope to get roads on the improvement list "all" milled by the end of the week.

Crews are expected to work next on East Burdeshaw Street.

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