SEHealth says two more cases confirmed

Published: Apr. 2, 2020 at 9:13 AM CDT
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As of Thursday morning, the Alabama Department of Public Health has confirmed 17 people statewide have died from COVID-19.

The ADPH reports there are 1,115 cases of coronavirus in Alabama and there have been 7,774 total tests. These statistics are as of 8 a.m. on April 2.

Jefferson County has the most cases per county with 305.

Wednesday saw the announcement of the first confirmed case in Dale County. Ozark Mayor Bob Bunting says the patient is being treated at Dale Medical Center.

Also, Wednesday saw the first local death due to COVID-19. A patient being treated at Southeast Health passed away.

It is not immediately clear if the death will be reported by the Alabama Department of Public Heath. That's because Southeast Health has patients from Georgia, and perhaps other states, and those statistics are not part of Alabama's count because the patients contracted coronavirus elsewhere.

Southeast Health has tested 142 people with 19 confirmed cases of COVID-19. 38 tests are waiting to be processed. The hospital says eight patients were treated and discharged.

There are currently 32 reported deaths due to coronavirus with 17 confirmed statewide.

Reported deaths and verified deaths represent the number of individuals who have a positive lab result and are now deceased. To verify a person who died from COVID-19 disease, the medical record of the deceased person has to be reviewed by a physician and Infectious Disease and Outbreak staff. Once review is complete, if the death is attributed to COVID-19, the individual will also appear in the Verified Deaths category. Reported death totals are cumulative and will not decrease.

State officials opened a toll-free number for people who develop symptoms and need to be tested. For more on how to get tested, you can call 1-888-264-2256. This is not a medical helpline.

The most recent numbers are available at ADPH's COVID-19


Florida now has over 8,000 confirmed coronavirus cases; 27 more people have died

The Florida Health Department has released the latest coronavirus COVID-19 numbers for Thursday morning.

Florida has 8,010 cases reported, 7,717 are Floridians and 293 are not Florida residents.

Health officials say 27 more people have died. The death toll in Florida from the virus is 128.

Bay County is reporting one new case. The new case is a 32 year-old man and is not travel related. This brings Bay County’s total COVID-19 cases to 14, including 13 residents and one non-resident. Their ages range between 21 and 74. Eleven cases are in men and three are in women. Only one person has been hospitalized for the virus. Health officials say a total of 168 tests have been processed, with 154 negative results. Bay County cases include four in Panama City, four in Panama City Beach, one in Southport, two in Lynn Haven, one in Youngstown, and one in Tyndall Air Force Base. The non-resident is from Texas.

Okaloosa County is reporting 46 cases, 42 being residents, one is a resident and not in Florida, and three are not from Florida. The ages range from 3 to 87. Officials say 22 of the cases are men and 24 are women. One person has died from the virus and seven people have had to be hospitalized.

Walton County is reporting 18 cases, 11 being residents and seven are not from Florida. The ages range from 20 to 90. Officials say seven of the cases are men and 11 are women. No deaths from the virus have been reported and five people have had to be hospitalized.

Washington County is reporting one case, a local. The man is 53 years-old. No deaths from the virus have been reported and one person has been hospitalized.

Holmes County is reporting one case, a local. The man is 27 years-old. There have been no deaths or hospitalizations in Holmes County reported.

Jackson County is reporting four cases, three being residents and one is not from Florida. The ages range from 28 to 38. Officials say one of the cases is a man and three are women. No one has been hospitalized or died from the virus in Jackson County..

The most recent numbers are available at Florida's COVID-19


Over 5,300 confirmed COVID-19 cases, over 1,000 hospitalizations in Ga.

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) reported 5,348 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state, according to the noon Thursday (4/2) update.

The total deaths related to COVID-19 is now 163. A total of 1,056 confirmed cases are hospitalized.

Over 22,000 coronavirus tests have been conducted statewide.

Georgia DPH releases updated numbers daily at noon and 7 PM.

For the latest info check the Georgia DPH COVID-19