Enterprise family needs Christmas cards in cancer battle

Published: Nov. 26, 2019 at 6:08 PM CST
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It's that time for Christmas cards to be signed sealed and delivered, but after hearing the story of a brave 4-year-old Enterprise girl you might find room for one more on your list.

After a year of treatments, chemotherapy, and surgeries the parents of 4-year-old Avalynn James found out their daughter's cancer had returned.

Sunday the family leaves for Michigan with a new hope.

While their baby girl is fighting the illness her parents are dealing with financial strains.

There's a doctor there that specifically specializes in Neuroblastoma, so we're going to get some care that there that we couldn't get in Birmingham,” says Avalynn’s mother Kristen Mahan.

Being an out of state hospital caused insurance issues.

When former U.S. House Representative Barry Moore found out he made a call.

“The next day we heard from the insurance company saying that they were going to expedite the paperwork to get it approved faster and a week later it was approved,” says Mahan.

The parents still have uncovered medical procedures and travel and living expenses to worry about.

For these reasons, Avalynn was chosen as this year's Cards for a Cause campaign recipient.

The founder lost her son to cancer and knows how meaningful the cards from home are for hospitalized kids.

“Every afternoon he would come and go down to the mailboxes just to see if had any cards or letters from home, and on the days he had mail he was excited, but then there were the days he would go and he didn't have any mail, and you could just see the disappointment in his face,” Cards for a Cause founder Angie Adams.

So every year since 2007, she asks the community to send a Christmas card and a single dollar to a child traveling for treatment.

Donations help offset costs for families and the cards remind sick kids they are not alone in their battles.

“We're so thankful that she was chosen for this because it really does help,” says Mahan.

“The cards are a blessing to this family. The money obviously is a blessing but more than that they need your prayers,” says Adams.

If you're thinking about sending her a card, Avalynn says her favorite ones are the homemade ones.

Cards can be sent to Avalynn at P.O. Box 310152 Enterprise, Alabama, 36331.

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