Community comes together to help Ozark man get back on his feet

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Nov. 30, 2017 at 6:31 PM CST
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The smell of fire is still in the air.

What was supposed to be a normal Friday for Earl Jones, went up in flames.

"Everything he had was gone,” says the victim’s brother Arthur Jones.

Earl was left with just the clothes on his back.

As soon as she heard the news, Mr. Earls neighbor Freda Welch took action.

"These ladies, you know, they've been helping him get clothes and stuff. Getting him back on his feet" says the brother.

She is the spearhead of a GoFundMe campaign so Mr. Earl can still live on the land he loves.

Property that has been in his family for generations.

"It was my granddaddy’s property, he left it to my mama, my mama left it to me and my brothers and I just want to be living there until the lord calls me in" said Jones.

When we first spoke with Welch, they had raised five hundred and five dollars of one thousand dollar goal- enough to buy a small camper.

But after WTVY's newscasts on Wednesday night; they surpassed their goal and are now at $1,837.

One man even offered to donate a RV until Mr. Jones can purchase his own.

"I didn’t believe it was possible, but with the lords will everything is possible." Says Jones.

When asked how he feels he replied, "I can hardly explain it, it feels good!"

The plan now is to go shopping at the local RV lot. And begin tearing down what’s left of the old burned out home.

The GoFundMe account is still active as Mr. Earl will still need groceries, clothes, and hygiene products.