Ozark community supports undefeated CHS Eagles

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Ozark, AL (WTVY) Carroll High School students gathered on the football field for an "Eagle Walk' pep rally.

Lisenby Primary School Showing Support to CHS Eagles

It featured 30 minutes of victory chants, cheers and band performances.

"I started cheering my sophomore year, and we went 1 and 9, so to see us go 12-0 it's really mind blowing. But I knew we could do it all along," said CHS Senior, Kanesha Kilow.

"The confidence of our school has gone up from last year, to this year. Just the energy in the room, everywhere we go, everyone's just so excited about everything," said 11th grader, Stephanie Woodard.

Students weren't the only ones celebrating the team, the entire community came out for the official send-off.

"The excitement in this entire community this year, for this group of young men on this football team that we've got has been indescribable. It's been wonderful. Great for the community, and great for the school. We're just so excited to be in the third round of the playoffs," said Superintendent of Ozark City Schools, Dr. Rick McInturf.

Local elementary schools were also dismissed early to take part in the festivities.

It's the first time in school history the team has made it this far in the playoffs.

The Eagles will face Beauregard in the third round of the playoffs in Opelika.