Timber! Trees around Blakely square to be cut down

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BLAKELY, Ga. (WTVY) There are 11 oak trees around the square in Blakely.

Soon, three might not be there anymore after the county commission voted to cut them down.

Commission Chairman June Merritt says the trees are dangerous and need to come down.

Merritt says they're hollow and strong winds could knock them down.

Others agree.

Ginny Grist lives in Blakely. She says,
"I love the trees at the courthouse but if they are dangerous then they probably need to come down."

Andrew Dopson owns a tree cutting service and says:
"I guess it is alright to cut it, as long as you do something with it, make fire wood. When I was little, we had a hollow tree and we made a tree house so you have options."

Merritt says they're not sure when the trees will come down.

When it happens some will be sad.

Elist Peed says,
"Trees are a great part of the community, so I just hope if they cut them down that they will plant something else."

There was an effort to cut down three pecan trees at the Henry County Courthouse six years ago.

Public backlash stopped that from happening.

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