Columbia needs the community's help to restore fire station

COLUMBIA, Ala. (WTVY) -- The town of Columbia is still short of its fundraising goal to restore its fire and rescue station from the damage left by Hurricane Michael.

It is estimated to cost $300,000 to fix the roof that the storm left sitting lopsided and other damages.

The town was denied funds from FEMA and the insurance payout did not cover much of the damage.

So far, $41,000 has been raised. All but $1,000 was donated by a single person.

Until the rest of the money is raised the fire and rescue will continue to work out of the Columbia police station.

“We can't keep as many people here, so during storms and what not it takes someone longer to get up here and get a truck and get headed out to help someone in the community. So, for us to be able to effectively serve our community we're turning around and asking for their help now," says Lieutenant Daniel Forrester.

The architect saved the town $70,000 by drawing the plans for the building for free.

Donations can be dropped off at the Columbia City Hall or mailed to P.O box 339 in Columbia. If you have any question you can call city hall at 334-696-4417.

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