Classes at ESCC for truck drivers

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OZARK, Ala. (WTVY) -- Signs are all across the Wiregrass for businesses and companies looking to hire and the trucking industry is no exception.

The Alabama Aviation College is trying to prepare drivers through a 6-week CDL program.

ESCC CDL Instructor Kemmie Williams says those who complete the course are guaranteed a job interview.

"We've so far graduated 41 students since last October and most of them are currently working with their current employer," said Williams.

That work started in the classroom. 240 hours of training both in the class and in a truck.

"It’s a lot of information to take in,” said ESCC CDL student Kimberly Lara. “It is overwhelming."

That information eventually pays off.

"Our last class we had nine recruiters come by to talk to our students and we look for the same thing with this present class too," said Williams.

Kimberly Lara started the course to be a bus driver, but after talking with those recruiters, she's exploring other career possibilities.

"When I got into it, we had a lot of recruiters come in and meet with us, talk with us, let us know what they offer through all these companies," said Lara.

The job has more perks than just the money for some.

"If you're a traveler, there are all the 50 states you can travel,” said Lara.

The next course starts on September 25th.

You can visit ESCC's website to learn more about the course:

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