"Citizen Promise" rallies student success beyond the classroom

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- Have you ever had one of those days when “adulting” seems much harder than it should be?

Well, now some students who attend Dothan City Schools will learn what it takes to be an adult, before they actually become one.

DCS is partnering with the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce and the Liberty Learning Foundation, to give students real-life experiences through a program called the “Citizen Promise.”

Students will be challenged to apply soft skills from being a good staff member or boss, to taking care of a home and budget, to even writing thank you letters and sewing on a button.

These skills may seem simple, but school leaders believe they are necessary.

“It’s more of an experience because I think once they see the habits that they need to develop in order to be a good citizen, or to be a good employee, or to be the good entrepreneur, they will want to go further with it,” said Director of Curriculum for Dothan City Schools, Maria Johnson.

“I know from my own children, I didn’t stop long enough to say how to sort laundry and communicate and collaborate, and do some of t those things that we just take for granted,” said CEO and Founder of Liberty Learning Foundation, Patti Yancey.

“So, I think it’s time that we start bringing some of those back,” Yancey said.

Six-hundred fifty 9th graders from Dothan Preparatory Academy and all 1,700 Dothan High School students will participate in this program.

The Citizen Promise will kick off with a series of rallies next week.

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