Churches resume in person worship services

After weeks of holding virtual services only, under Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear's reopening plan churches in the state could open May 20.
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- Sunday was the first-time churches were able to have Sunday worship services since Governor Kay Ivey issued a shelter-at-home order back in March.

Sunday's services had a much different look to them due to COVID-19.

Whether churches were meeting outside or in their normal houses of worship, there was one common theme.

"You can take your seat take your blanket look at a neighbor and just kind of wave but keep social distancing in mind," said Pastor John Dowdey, Church at the Crossing.

"We're going to continue to do our best to practice good social distancing," said Pastor Ray Jones, Ridgecrest Baptist Church.

Today was the first Sunday churches could congregate in two months.

"Y'all know it's been eight weeks since we've been together in this house now the church and move forward and we went on but it's good to see you this morning," said Pastor Scott Crosby, Enterprise First Assembly.

"First of all, I can finally say you know it is great to be back together in to see you and seriously there's nothing like worshiping together with everyone here," Pastor Dowdey said.

Over those 8 weeks, church staffs have been putting in a little overtime.

"We've been here working constantly online doing some drive-in services, but without some help this would've never been able," Crosby said.

Most churches understand this is the beginning of a new normal.

"This process that we begin today is going to be probably an extended process so be patient with us and we want to do it that reduces the maximum amount of anxiety for people coming into this place," Pastor Jones said.

Pastors tell WTVY that the common theme they continue to share with their congregations is to choose to worship in a way that makes them feel more comfortable during the current pandemic.

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