Christmas Tree Farm in business despite setback

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COTTONWOOD, Ala. (WTVY) -- Thanksgiving is over and many are shopping this Black Friday, but for others it’s time to decorate for Christmas.

That means picking out the perfect tree.

Back Home Tree Farm in Cottonwood is open for business.

The farm in business for almost 25 years.

The farm has Carolina Sapphire and Leyland Cypress trees.

Owner and operator Mary Johnson tells me both are great, but the Carolina Sapphire has more of an evergreen smell.

To get the best use out of your tree it is best to cut the a quarter inch off the base and wait a day before decorating.

Tree stands usually have a bowl at the base to add water.

“Don’t put them near open flames, don’t put them under an open air vent, keep them watered actually,” Back Home Tree Farm Owner and Operator Mary Johnson said. “If you can keep them in a cooler room, they would do better.”

Before Back Home Tree Farm started Mary Johnson and her husband grew watermelons for a year, but that quickly changed.

“He came up with this idea let’s plant Christmas trees and I said you are nuts well let’s plan Christmas trees so we did.”

Now nearly quarter of a century later Mary is still planting and tending to the trees every year.

This year however has been a tough one as she is still feeling the effects of Hurricane Michael and the drought we faced this summer.

“These trees were blown over literally blown over and I’ve had to come back in here and straighten and stake every one of them back up to straighten them.”

This season has opened Mary’s eyes and given her a new outlook on her farm.

“It’s been a difficult a very hard year. I have a newborn respect for farmers I really do.”

Back Home Tree Farm is open 9 to dark Tuesday through Saturday.

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