Chewable necklaces for moms with teething tots

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London, UK (AP) -- Chewable necklaces for teething babies are one of the top trends at this year's London Baby Show.

Chewable necklaces for teething babies are one of the top trends at this year's London Baby Show. Courtesy: AP

They're part of a new wave of maternity wear that's catering for mothers who want clothes that are both practical and fashionable.

A dangling, shiny necklace is always too tempting for a baby.

For mothers with teething tots, it won't be long before a necklace like this gets gnawed at and slobbered over.

But here at the London Baby Show, these babies are being encouraged to chew.

That's because the mums are all wearing Nibbling necklaces, all designed to be put into babies' mouths.

They are the creation of Canadian fashion designer Emily Sunderland Sutter, a mum of three who wanted to find a solution to the problem of teething infants chewing jewellery.

She was also concerned about the dangers: young children can break delicate necklaces, increasing the risk of choking.

It is also much harder to keep precious metal jewellery clean.

The Nibbling range is primarily made from food-grade silicone, meaning it's safe to chew.

"The great thing about silicone is you can put it in a steriliser, you can put it in a steam steriliser, microwave steriliser, they can even be put in a dishwasher and so if the necklace gets dirty, fluff, or anything, even sand on it, you can clean it. Also, silicone doesn't have a smell and doesn't have an odour and it can even be put in the freezer," says Sunderland Sutter.

The necklaces can be chilled in the freezer for an extra treat for sore teething gums.

Prices range from 18 to 30 UK pounds (approx. 25 to 41 US dollars).

The Baby Show in London is packed with mums and mums-to-be looking for the latest lines in maternity fashion.

The catwalk shows are the perfect place to soak up a broad range of looks.

Sean Canning is the man charged with producing the runway.

He's been running maternity fashion shows for 16 years and is hugely experienced in the industry, working with all the biggest names in fashion.

Canning says maternity fashion is getting more and more stylish every year.

"I've just got back from doing Tom Ford, at New York Fashion Week, I did Ralph Lauren there as well, and I'm off again to do Dolce and Gabanna in a couple of weeks. I don't think that the difference between maternity fashion and high fashion is that different, they're starting to meet in the middle now. Women want to have good clothes before they're pregnant, after they're pregnant, and during pregnancy as well, so a lot of the maternity brands are aware of that, they're making clothes that are more fashionable now and are more on trend, so the difference is starting to meet in the middle," he says.

Somebody well-placed to have her finger on the pulse of maternity fashion is model and mother of five daughters, Laura Haswell.

She has been taking part in the runway at the Baby Show for the last four years, and four of her five daughters have been on the catwalk with her.

"Fashion wise it's definitely come forward a lot since when I first was pregnant with my first, who's now ten. So there's lots of things, maternity jeans are great now, things like that, they really cater for fashion now other than trying to just be comfortable for the bump, it's very fashion forward now with maternity wear, which is really nice for a new mum-to-be," she says.

There are over 200 exhibitors in the hall, which is packed with visitors.

Most of them are first time mums-to-be and mums with newborns.

Helena Victor says she thinks maternity wear is improving but there's still a long way to go.

"It is going in the right direction, there are some websites that do good clothing for pregnant women, fashionable products, but there are a lot of tragic things as well, if I'm honest," she says.

Rachael Macrae says today's mothers have much better choice than previous generations.

"Compared if you think like 10 or 20 years ago, like definitely, when I look back at pictures of like my mum and the sort of maternity clothes she wore. But yeah I think it is definitely improving, yeah definitely," she says.

Hazelann Williams is the reviews editor of Made for Mums, a popular online magazine with consumer and lifestyle advice for parents.

"Gone are the days when it used to just be floral dresses and things that will fit around your bump, you can now get bodycon dresses that are maternity wear, you can get fashionable shoes, heels and stuff like that, that are made for pregnancy," she says.

But of course the biggest stars on the catwalk are the cheeky toddlers, who seem completely unfazed by the bright lights and audience.

The Baby Show runs from 2 to 4 March 2018 at London's ExCeL exhibition centre.

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