Charges dropped in woman's murder case but she could be arrested again

Booking photo from Houston County Jail
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Dothan (WTVY)-- The capital murder trial of a Houston County woman has been cancelled and her case sent back to a grand jury.

Houston County Circuit Judge Larry Anderson dismissed the charge against Dama Nell Clark at the request of her attorneys and prosecutors.

Clark is one of four people originally charged with capital murder in the shooting of Paxton Kennedy, who died in January 2016.

The dismissal does not mean Clark is off the hook. She could be indicted again, though chances are it would be for a lesser offense.

Only one person charged in this case has gone to trial. A jury found Joshua Nance guilty of manslaughter a few months ago. He received a 20 year sentence, the maximum.

Testimony during his trial revealed Nance and Clark went to the small community of Wicksburg and confronted Kennedy about a drug debt.

Nance told the jury he never intended to kill Kennedy but, instead, only wanted to scare him into paying the debt, about $2500. The gun, he testified, discharged accidentally. Dama Clark remained in the car.

Capital murder charges have also been dismissed in the cases of two other co-defendants. Pamela Whitaker and Eric West, like Clark, could also be indicted again.