Changes made to DCS virtual school program benefit students

Published: Jul. 18, 2017 at 9:22 PM CDT
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Dothan City School’s offered students access to virtual school for the first time last year. Now it's making changes to hopefully enhance the experience for students and parents.

Regan Vanslkye will be in the 11th grade at Dothan High School this year, and she's considering virtual schooling because it will work better with her schedule.

She says, "I can finish high school and go ahead and start college."

At a parent meeting Tuesday night, DCS director of secondary schools Scott Faulk says there will be more help available for students.

Faulk says, "This is not a one plus one is two program, they need to be aware that it is rigorous."

Dothan City School students can be full time virtual students and work from home, or this year they can be blended and do half at school and half at home.

Faulk says, "This is for those self-motivated students who can sit in front of the computer and do the work."

This year, students will have the first 20 days to decide if virtual is for them, and they can opt out after the first semester.

"The parents and students set the pace, if they want to get up early and do work, that's good but if they want to wait until mid-afternoon, that's okay too."

Regan says she likes the idea of working at her own pace without any distractions.

She says, "Virtual school will help me concentrate more, the kids in the classroom talk and don't know how to act. When you have that, the teacher can't teach like they need to."

Students will have to come on campus to take any tests.

If virtual school is something your child wants to try, you need to contact the DCS central office at 334-793-1397.

It is offered to students, 6th-12th grade.