Cell phone rants from prison is upsetting family of man killed

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Dothan, AL (WTVY)-- Kim Fields thought the nightmares would end when a jury convicted a man for killing her brother, Daniel Dawsey. They didn't.

Inmate Emmanuel Bryant broadcasts on Facebook Live from an Alabama prison.

Nearly five years later, Emmanuel Bryant is still upsetting the family, this time from behind bars.

“I never thought I would be faced with this kind of tragedy or this chain of events behind it,” Fields told WTVY Tuesday.

What has her concerned are Bryant's Facebook Live broadcasts from inside an Alabama prison, where he's serving a 35-year sentence.

“For (Bryant) to reach out to (my family) members to plead his case to them---it's pissing my family off,” Fields said.

In his Facebook posts, Bryant claims he is innocent---framed, he said, for the murder of 31-year old Dawsey.

He is using a cell phone to post videos from Bibb Correctional Facility despite regulations forbidding inmates to possess or use cell phones.

In a statement to, the Alabama Department of Corrections said :contraband cell phones are a major issue in our institutions. The department is working with other agencies to control the flow of illegal contraband, including cell phones.”

ADOC spokesperson Samanta Rose said those with knowledge of cell phone use by inmates should report that activity to prison officials.

However, the head of a victims advocacy group claims she has reported the illegal activity several times but the problem persists.

“The wardens need to be held accountable when the prisoners are not held accountable,” Wiregrass Angel House Executive Director Shelly Linderman said.

Fields, frustrated, claims Bryant's Facebook rants are disturbing to her family and she wants them stopped.

“It's a wound that will never heal,” she described her brother's death. A wound only deepened by Bryant's antics.

Daniel Dawsey was shot to death in 2014 as he pursued a college degree.