Celebratory gunfire leads to reported injuries and property damage in Ala.

Celebratory gunfire leads to reported injuries and property damage in Ala. (Source: WBRC)
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) -- Law enforcement has warned about injuries and property damage from celebratory gunfire for years, yet it continues.

In Tuscaloosa County, a woman is recovering after the sheriff’s office says she was grazed by a bullet. The woman says she was inside her home when the bullet came through her roof and grazed the back of her shoulder. She reported hearing gunfire shortly before and deputies believe the bullet was from nearby celebratory gunfire.

In Montevallo, a couple woke up to find their windshield shattered. Rose Emfinger said she started hearing what sounded like gunfire around 7 p.m. Tuesday and it was off and on until around 2 a.m. Her car was parked close to her front porch, so when she looked out her window Wednesday morning she realized something looked off.

“Kept looking and I thought it just didn’t look right. So I got my shoes on and went out there and sure enough. It’s not a lot of something, but like a bullet hole,” said Emfinger.

The windshield is so damaged they can’t drive the car. The couple did file a police report.

In Tuscaloosa, the sheriff’s office released a statement in their case saying, “Bullets shot into the air can come down at a velocity that can, in this case, penetrate a roof and cause injury or death. Thankfully, in this situation, there were only minor injuries. This type of behavior will not be tolerated and if the investigation reveals who the shooter is - they may face criminal charges.”

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