Carver School offering new courses for students

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- There are several changes to elementary schools in the Wiregrass. Carver School for Mathematics, Science and Technology has some new updates.

Carver used to be a middle school but has now transitioned to an elementary school for third through sixth grades. The biggest change for students attending is the focus on the new STEM program.

It was the first day at a new school for many students at Carver and when asked how they felt before walking through the front door, they all had the same answers.

"I'm excited and a little nervous," 4th grader at Carver, Boston Mackenzie said.

"I'm excited to see my friends and I'm nervous to start the day," 4th grader at Carver, Alli Cole said.

Staff members were prepared for those anxieties, putting their main focus for the first day on making sure students were comfortable in their environment.

"Just the beginning of school year procedures and getting them accustomed to a new school. A lot of students have not attended Carver so today will just be about making them comfortable here at their new school,"Jason Blissett, Assistant Principal at Carver School for Mathmatics, Science and Technology said.

The new science, technology, engineering and mathematics program will be giving students the chance to expand their knowledge. Students say they are excited about this new opportunity.

"Math probably because it gives you a lot of problems to solve," Alli Cole said.

"Science we get to do a lot of cool experiments and robotics we get to build a lot of cool stuff," Boston Mackenzie said.

Carver is the only elementary school in Dothan that offers these courses.

"Our science classes they will go to labs weekly, we have a teacher that is strictly for setting up labs, assisting the science teachers with doing labs. our students will do a science lab every week," Blissett said.

These classes are preparing students for their future.

"Whenever I wanna grow up I want to be an engineer and build a bunch of stuff and do a bunch of experiments and stuff," Boston Mackenzie said.

Carver School will have an estimated 500 hundred students for this new school year which 100 more than last year.

Because of concerns about additional traffic due to the student population increase, school leaders met with Dothan Police Department and a traffic engineer for the city to come up with a plan that would work effectively on the first day.

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