Carver Magnet Schools hosts its annual Careerathon

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- Students at Carver Magnet School got a chance to explore various career opportunities Friday.

Misti Woods Careerathon Chair said."We have folks with us from Wallace Community College, we have mobile welding simulators, we have DTC cosmetology department, we have physical therapy, and we have the mobile crime scene unit from Houston County Sheriff's Office. We have the bomb squad police and we also have Wiregrass Electric Cooperative and WTVY"

Students got the opportunity to go around to all the booths. 8th grader Jacob Glenn says he really enjoyed the cosmetology room the most.

“I always thought about having a haircut business and I felt like it was interesting on how they cut hair, the different size guards and clippers they use and I would like to do it in the future."

WTVY’S booth was also popular.

Carver Magnet School’s 7th grader Kate Thomas said, “I want to be a physical therapist or an anchor on a morning show because I like talking to people in front of the camera.”

Shamira Robinson wants to be a NASA engineer when she grows up so the welding class was the highlight of her day.

"It's good to know what you want to do at a young age so you can take these opportunities and use them and get prepared for when you go to college.

And others say they still have some time to figure out some things but enjoy being able to have a wide variety to choose from.

"If you focus on one career then what if you don't get to the career you want then you have secondary options to choose from."

Carver Magnet School 7th grader Jordan Allmar said, “There’s like a lot of choices I’m kind of distant minded I look over here and think this is nice and I look over here and say that's nice as well."

Carver Magnet School says this program has been very beneficial and they hope to continue it as the years go on.

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