Cannonball Memorial Run makes a pit-stop in Avon to honor the family of a fallen officer

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AVON, AL. (WTVY) - The Cannonball Memorial Run strives to raise $10,000 for each officer lost in the line of duty.

Along the way, the group is driving from state to state…presenting plaques to families and collecting patches they plan to give to the U.S. Attorney General.

"People see us in uniform and they expect us to be robots, but they don't realize that behind that uniform we've got real-human experiences,” said Choe.

James Kevin White and another officer named Zach Moak were both shot and killed while responding to shots fired in Brookhaven, Mississippi in October of 2018.

Aram Choe, Crew Member with Cannonball Memorial Run, says "The Cannonball Run started two and a half years ago. This is their fourth run and this is their fourth run across the country where they do a non-stop drive."

Made up of law enforcement, the group is traveling from California all the way to Washington DC.
Typically the group stops at each agency where an officer was murdered, but for James White's family...

"We didn't feel right asking Mrs. White to drive six hours into Brookhaven so we took it upon ourselves to come out here and deliver a plaque in her son's honor," said Choe.

Laurie White, James White's Mother, says "They also presented me with a coin that happens to be the same number as my son's badge number."

"As a matter of fact, the last time this head hit a pillow was Thursday morning when we left Redondo Beach," replied Choe.

Laurie White says it's important to back the blue.

"We know if these officers were with us today, they'd be doing the exactly what we are in memory of the sacrifices they made before us," replied White.

The Cannonball Memorial Run has five more stops to make before getting to Washington DC.

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