Camp Success prepares hearing-impaired students for transition to college, professional life

Students take part in an activity at Camp Butter and Egg during the 2018 Camp Success. (Source: TROY University)
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TROY, Ala. (TROY) -- A camp being held this week at Troy University will help high school students who are deaf and hard of hearing get ready for the transition to college.

Students arrived on Sunday for Camp Success, which is Sponsored by the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS). The weeklong program is open to rising seniors or recent high school graduates and covers topics such as career exploration, accessing accommodations, learning styles, time management, note- and test-taking skills, and presentation skills.

“Camp Success has provided many students with the necessary skills to perform well in the college setting,” said Judy Robertson of Troy University’s Interpreter Training Program. “Students that have participated in this program have gone on to various colleges and been able to overcome many of the barriers presented to them and continue their educational journey successfully. The Interpreter Training Program, through our partnership with ADRS, is thrilled to be a small part of these students’ success.”

Participants will also spend time mapping out their future and creating a PowerPoint presentation about their chosen career path, which they will present during the final day of the camp on Saturday.

In addition to educational and professional programs, students will take part in an etiquette luncheon, attend sessions on bullying and legal issues and coping with anxiety and depression and enjoy an outing to Camp Butter & Egg in Troy.

The Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services is the state agency whose mission is to enable Alabama’s children and adults with disabilities to achieve their maximum potential.

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