COVID-19 drive-thru testing site in Enterprise

Drive-Thru COVID-19 testing site in Enterprise
Drive-Thru COVID-19 testing site in Enterprise
Published: Apr. 7, 2020 at 5:02 PM CDT
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A drive thru testing site for COVID-19 was in our area earlier Tuesday.

The Alabama Department of Public Health set up a COVID-19 drive thru testing site at the Enterprise Civic Center.

Drivers pull up and answer a series of questions before being tested.

Although this sounds promising they aren’t just testing everyone who shows up.

Assistant Administrator for the ADPH, Kyle Odom said “to come in and be tested you have to meet certain criteria.”

That criteria includes having a fever, cough or shortness of breath.

But also, “you have to either be a healthcare worker, over 65, or have continuing, worsening symptoms,” Odom said.

Once you meet the criteria you are tested.

“It’s similar to a flu test but it’s a little bit- I guess it’s a little bit more intense. They go up a little higher in the nasal cavity and they have to hold it for at least 5 seconds there to get a proper collection,” Odom said.

Many have been wondering why tests weren’t being conducted in the Wiregrass.

The ADPH says funding and a lack of supplies are what caused the delay.

“Our legislature kind of pushed the money out to us, to public health in order to do the testing. There was also a shortage on the actual swabs. That took a long time,” Odom said.

“You know there were so many people that were trying to do the testing and so it took us a while to get our hands on some of the swabs,” he continued.

Now that funding and supplies are available, we can expect to see other testing sites in the future.

One thing to remember is, you will not be tested if you do not meet the criteria.

“We’ll give you a little bit of information on how to avoid getting Coronavirus then we’ll let you go on through,” Odom said.

The Alabama Department of Public Health will have two other testing locations this week.

One in Eufaula on Thursday and one in Clayton on Friday.