CHS's Eagle Battalion passes JPA inspection

Published: Mar. 13, 2019 at 4:56 PM CDT
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It takes place every three years. Carroll High School JROTC’s program had its accreditation inspection Wednesday morning, which evaluates overall effectiveness.

Jerome Gates, Operations Specialist for Army/JROTC Alabama, says "They go from drill to given a continued improvement (where they want to improve in the program). We look at the credentials of the instructors, and how they perform as a staff."

There are currently 92 cadets enrolled in the program.

They were evaluated on troop inspection, drill, interview, and portfolio.

"Carroll is a long-history program that does very well in their inspections," replied Gates.

When the results came in…the program lived up to its name, scoring 98.5 out of 100.

Chandler Stockton, Battalion Commander, says "I was asked the other day what my greatest accomplishment was...and its JPA, it's passing this. This not only affects me, and I've had a lot of things affect me, but this affects everybody at this school, this community, and the state as well."

C/SM Nate Nelson, Cadet Battalion Command Sergeant Major, says "A lot of hard work can pay off and over-preparing is way better than under-preparing. I'm looking forward to hopefully being Battalion Commander next year."

Some cadets say preparing for the inspection has been nerve-racking.

Breanna Peterson, Cadet Battalion Recruiting and Public Affairs Officer S-5, says "It's kind of scary to go up in front of people and speak, so getting us ready for that, wanting to make sure we have everything, making everything's ready, and wanting to do an incredible job."

Now with inspection day out the way, the program can focus on finding sponsors for some needed gear.

Alex Varbel, Commander for the JROTC Rifle Team, says "Our equipment is slightly older than the top competitors. So, we want to purchase news pads, new kneeling rifles themselves."

The program needs your help.

Matthew Braswell, JROTC Rifle Team Precision Captain, says "Any donations...we're gracious for. It helps out with improving our range and all the equipment we use to hopefully one day reach national level."

If you would like to donate Carroll High School's JROTC program, call Carroll High School to find out how at 334-774-4915.

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