Buying school supplies this sales tax-free holiday weekend

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -- Whether its school supplies or clothes discounted at half off…it sounds like big savings until you fill your cart.

Melissa Warnke, Spokeswoman Alabama Retail Association, says "Any article of clothing, $100 or less per item is tax free. Any book that's thirty dollars or less is tax free. A school supply item, which its only certain school supply items, but fifty dollars or less per item...tablets, electronic equipment, not including cell phones and laptops...anything $750 or less in that category."

The savings are for anyone…you don't have to be shopping for "back to school" items.

"Anyone that needs office supplies or a printer or computer paper or maybe pens or anything like's a good time to do it because you can get it tax free. If you need an article of clothing whether its workout clothes or dresses or can get it tax free,” says Warnke.

Local stores are anticipating an increase in sales from the sales tax-free holiday.

Ronnie Brown, Owner, Ronnie's Clothing and Shoes, says "All kinds of things that you will need for back to school including shirts, shorts, and shoes will all be discount priced. Plus, Friday through will get it at no-tax as well.”

Anthony Austin, Store Manager, Shoe Carnival, says "The biggest sale we have is friends and family... anybody can come out that's a part of the family and get an additional 30% off. That's not included in the bogo deal...It’s either or...but 30% off is a bigger, better deal."

It's important to keep in mind that just because it's on your child's school supply list does not mean its tax free.

"Anything that's related to like crayons or markers, pens, paper...all of those is considered your usual school supplies. Those will always typically count,” says Warnke.

Items that is not tax-free…

"Tissues, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizers, cleaners...those types of things."

The sales tax-free holiday is Friday, July 20th through Sunday, July 22nd.
It ends at midnight on Sunday.

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