Busy intersection top priority for Honeysuckle Road improvements

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DOTHAN, AL (WTVY) Brake checks. Honking horns. Traffic is becoming a big issue at the Honeysuckle-Hatton-Moore-South Park intersection in Dothan.

Dothan City Commissioner John Ferguson was one of many city officials at the Honeysuckle Road Corridor Public Forum.

“Some of the biggest improvements we need to do are in front of Selma Church,” said Ferguson.

Concerned citizens packed that church Tuesday night to see the city’s concepts on fixing the intersection’s traffic woes. Since the opening of James Oates Park, it’s gotten even more crowded.

“They know what happens day in and day out so their buy in and input is very valuable,” said Ferguson.

The five-point intersection is one of the fastest growing in the Circle City. It’s estimated 7,000 vehicles travel through there every day.

The city’s solution? Extend Honeysuckle Road all the way to Highway 231.

“We’re trying to reroute Honeysuckle and close off some of that,” said Charles Metzger, Assistant Manager, City of Dothan Public Works Department. “We also have a very short term project of closing off Moore Road to cul-de-sac two pieces cause it’s a cut-thru.”

Metzger also says they have concepts to cut down capacity issues between Highway 84 and Fortner Street.

“We’re looking at possible bike lanes as one alternative and looking at some sidewalks,” said Metzger.

But Ferguson says the Honeysuckle-Hatton-Moore-South Park intersection remains top priority.

“I really want to push the next term and make a lot of the bigger things come together and make it happen,” said Ferguson.

The improvements to Moore Road will begin soon. There is no timetable for the Honeysuckle Road improvements as funding must be secured.

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