Business Picking Up in Holmes County

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BONIFAY, Fla. (WTVY) -- For the past six months, people in Holmes County have been trying to recover from Hurricane Michael.

And today some good news. A major manufacturing project is taking shape. It's the Yaupon Wellness Company that's taking root.

The ceo and founder says Yaupon is “the forgotten American medicinal plant". And after purchasing a long leaf pine farm - work is underway.

Bonifay is always looking for new opportunities to create jobs and grow the economy - especially after Hurricane Michael hit.

"It's been really really slow for Holmes county as far as economic development, we've had a few retailing developments but no manufacturing but that's changing," said Raymon Thomas, Executive Director of the Holmes County Development Commission.

Thomas says it's taken years of research, outreach, and advertising to develop Holmes County but this year – "This year is the year for Holmes County, so hang on and watch," said Thomas.

Thomas says the Yaupon Wellness Company Project is just the beginning - this facility will be over 5,000 square feet and bring dozens of jobs.

"I’m looking for great things from it and the anticipation from more businesses are going to follow,” said Thomas.

Lori Conklin found her business a home right here - in a new Bonifay mini mall - where local vendors display their products.

"My generation has moved out or moved on but I love the fact that the Chamber of Commerce has been working really hard at revitalizing Bonifay," said Conlin.

"Traffic has picked up considerably, people are moving out of Bay County, and Gulf County and looking for sites to put their businesses," said Conklin.

The Yaupon Wellness Company also hopes to build a bottling plant in Bonifay.

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