Burglary Ring Busted

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GENEVA, Ala. (WTVY) -- Two people are in jail accused of stealing trailers from multiple counties.

Geneva Police say that Daniel and June Carswell, the husband and wife duo, have been committing crimes like this since early April. Teresa Stinson is one of many victims who has had her property stolen, right out of her own backyard.

"Well when I drove up I knew something was wrong but I couldn't tell exactly what was wrong. I took my dog out to the bathroom and he went straight to where the trailer should've been parked because that's his favorite spot and it wasn't there and I panicked," the victim, Teresa Stinson said.

Daniel and June Carswell have been knocking on doors for months. When there was no answer, police say they would steal anything and everything, selling off the merchandise.

Teresa Stinson was one victim of the couple's alleged crime spree-

"I went out to get something out of the shed and the lock was not on the shed and I looked at the next one and there wasn't a lock on that one either. And then I'm like oh my gosh they've cut my locks, what do I do now? I opened the shed and I could tell there was things missing, I didn't know exactly what but I knew there was somethings missing," Stinson said.

Investigators say at least 5 different counties have been affected by these crimes.

As of Thursday, 2 trailers have been recovered and 1 more is expected to be found soon.

"People want there property back for sure, not to mention a lot of people will file on insurance so it may end up costing a lot of money. So it was a good thing we were able to get this trailer back," Lieutenant at Geneva Police Department, Michael McDuffie said.

Stinson credits the Geneva Police Department for their quick action that led to arrests in the case.

"I just don't know what to say, the response of our police department has just been amazing and I think there surprised as I am that everything happened as fast as it did," Stinson said.

Now the suspects are in custody but Geneva Police Lieutenant Michael McDuffie says this case is far from over.

"This investigation is still very early, now that we have the suspects and following their paths and where they went so it could lead to multiple counties before its all over with," McDuffie said.

Stinson also says her neighbors played a big part in this investigation, providing key details to police that led to an arrest.

The Carswell's were arrested in Pike County, less than 24 hours after committing the crime in Geneva. Investigators tell us that they have had several departments assisting in this case for more than a week.

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