Brrrrmingham: New Ice Slide Coming to Railroad Park

Published: Nov. 14, 2019 at 8:03 AM CST
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Here’s a reason to celebrate this cold snap, the UAB Callahan Eye Hospital & Clinics ice skating rink is coming back to Railroad Park!

Right now crews are working to install it, Wednesday they were unfolding the coils that keep the ice cold.

But this year, there is a whole new feature, an ice slide!

“This is the 4th year for the rink, and we are enhancing it this year with just a little something for those you may not want to get out on the ice on the rink, but can slide down an innertube with the best of them,” says Dana Mcgough with Railroad Park.

The slide is one hundred feet long!

“Technically only 15 feet high, but It’s going to create a great rush coming down the mountain there,” says Mcgough.

The Winter Adventure in Railroad Park will open on November 22nd and run through January 5th.

If you just want to skate, it’s still $12 for Adults and $10 for kids 12 and under. You can also slide and skate for $18 for adults and $14 for kids. “The rink is a fun way to experience a winter wonderland in downtown Birmingham. You get to skate up against the city skyline and at night we have beautiful lights that just twinkle across the rink and it creates a magical atmosphere,” says Mcgough. “It’s part of how Birmingham continues to benefit from railroad park.”

You can find more information on tickets and pricing here

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