Breakdancing a new addition to the next Summer Youth Olympics

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Lausanne, Switzerland (WTVY) - The upcoming 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games, the major international multi-sport competition for athletes between 14 to 18, is about to get a unique new addition.


Tuesday, The International Olympic Committee announced that break dancing will be added to the 2018 games being hosted in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There will be men's, women's, and mixed teams in what's described as a battle format.

Breakdancing joins Kumite (a form of combat karate) and sport climbing for those next Youth Olympic Games, and while karate and sport climbing are in the next summer Olympics, breakdancing hasn't made it up to the big games just yet. Skateboarding and surfing are also new additions at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, and baseball and softball are making a return there as well.

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