Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Alabama expands, adding two new locations

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OZARK, Ala. (WTVY) - Exciting news just in time for summer break.
The Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Alabama is expanding!

As the school year winds down, business at the is picking up.

This year, they're offering 2 new programs outside of Ozark.

1 at Southdale Middle and the other at Midland City Elementary School.
Although the 2 new locations are in a school setting, they're trying to take away the school feel and add a little more fun.

Program Director Jessica Moore says, "We did order some video games, some portable pool tables, we have several different programs.. we will be offering tennis and cheer-leading as well. So we do have a lot of B&G Club feel over there and as we continue to grow and get bigger each summer it will be better and better."

And as they expand, they are taking more volunteers, especially ones like Shane, who has volunteered for the last year and a half.

Shane Stumpf, Junior Staff/ Volunteer
"I enjoy how it makes me feel, it really inspires me to be a good person."

Each location has their own activities -- from interactive including swim lessons, cheer-leading, and sewing lessons.. to educational programs such as Stride Academy, Project Learn, and theater to reinforce what they learned in school.

"We are trying to give these kids an opportunity that they may not otherwise get somewhere else, and with our two new locations there is nothing over there and we want to let people that we are there and we want to let people know that we are there and at a very low cost for the kids to be able to get somewhere for the summer."

If you would like to register your child or volunteer at a new location, you can contact Jessica Moore at 334) 798-5878 or visit the Ozark main site at 195 Martin Luther King Junior Avenue.

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