Boxes for Bravery

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Battling a life-threatening illness is tough to do - especially for children. That’s why one local club is using their skills to comfort some brave young people.

Members of the Wiregrass Woodturners club are making boxes for some strong kids. Club President Bob Newsome explains why.

“The children get beads for each treatment that they have. Whether it’s a chemo treatment, or blood transfusion, or any kind of needle stick," Newsome says.

Some children get so many beads that they don't have anywhere to put them all.

“They say some of these children when they leave the hospital, if they’re able to, that they’ll have a shoe box full of beads," he said.

That’s why Wiregrass Woodturners partner with Beads of Courage who provide beads to children all over the world for their bravery during their treatments.

Newsome wants these children to know they are not alone in this process.

He says "I would hope it would give the child comfort knowing that someone cares about them enough to spend the hours and the time to make one of these boxes.”

Newsome says the best feeling is knowing their work is appreciated by the children who receive them.

“A couple years ago I had made one and a little boy called me; I had put my phone number on a card. He called me and he said ‘sir, I know you will not see me, you don’t know me, but I just wanted to thank you for making me my box.’ and that just overwhelmed me,” he says.

The Wiregrass Woodturners will be sending over 30 boxes to children in Birmingham later this month.

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