UPDATE: Victim, driver in Dale Co. fatal hit and run both identified

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DALE COUNTY, Ala.-- Authorities now know the identity of the man involved in the fatal hit and run accident, known as 53 year old Sammie Littlefield Jr. of Clio, the owner of a Ford F-150.

Authorities have been in contact with Littlefield, and conducted a number of interviews, but at this time, he has not been arrested or charged in relation to the accident.

Littlefield reportedly says as the time of the accident, he thought he had hit a deer and continued driving.

On Saturday, police received a call releasing information of possible involvement.

“He was escorted to the police department, we spoke about the incident, and it was indeed the truck that hit the individual," said Newton Police Chief, James Gresham.

Authorities are now confirming that the accident happened around 7 p.m. Thursday evening.

Police are now waiting for subpoenas, medical records, toxicology and other paperwork to be forwarded to the district attorney's office to decide if there will be any pending charges.

The case could potentially be forwarded to the grand jury.

The case remains under investigation.

A body found in Dale County Friday morning in a ditch on Alabama Highway 123 near the intersection of Dale County Road 43 near the town of Newton has been identified as 32-year-old Justin Wallace of Daleville.

Law enforcement got call about an unresponsive man on side of road who was believed to have been hit by a vehicle. The Dale County coroner confirms Wallace died due to multiple blunt force trauma injuries from a vehicle.

Investigators pieced together a headlight to determine the type of vehicle which might have hit Wallace so they can find the hit and run driver.

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