Rising waters cause boat landings to close for safety

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) — Emergency officials have closed the Gordon and Columbia boat landings as a safety pre-caution.

The water level on the Chattahoochee River is above average for this time of year.

Hugh Peacock has been coming to his weekend fish camp for years and has seen it all.

"In 1994 when it flooded, we would have been standing in three feet under water," said Peacock, lives on the water.

Residents like Peacock are watching closely as water from the Atlanta dams are being released, causing the water to rise in Columbia and Gordon.

"The last two weeks we have had a lot of rain, not just us, but in the north Georgia part of the area as well on the river side of Georgia that water builds up so the Corp of Engineers have to release that water over time and over the last few days they have released quite a bit of water over our area," said Chris Judah, Houston County Emergency Management Agency Director.

Judah says that the water is being controlled well, however, they still need to monitor it as rain washes over these areas.

"We see those levels rising and we are trying to let you know before it happens," said Judah.

And for Jonathan Windsor.. he’s been living here for 12 years and has seen his house with four feet of water and says it's a community effort when issues do arise.

"We just help everyone out try to get people out who want to get out iin the lower lying areas and clean up just in case," said Windsor.

Flooding isn't the only warning, officials say the current can be very dangerous.

"We don't want boaters on that right now because we don't want to have to put our first responders out there to go get them, It's very dangerous out there"

Judah says there are no evacuation orders and that they will continue to monitor the water levels.

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