Bluetooth Skimming at Gas Stations

Published: Aug. 7, 2016 at 8:32 PM CDT
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It's the fastest most convenient way to fill up your tank, but it could cost you - everything.

Tracy Schlosstein pulls into Exxon gas station weekly. She had no idea someone hacked into the machines and installed a blue-tooth enabled credit card skimmer.

"I think that's sad because they could be over there in the next parking lot reading information, hacking it off the computer,” said Tracy Schlossstein.

Dallas police say that’s exactly what they discovered happening at four different Exxon stations throughout Dallas. The latest Bluetooth skimmer was found Sunday.

"They can do it in a split second, put it on,” explained lt. Tony Crawford, Dallas police. “So they obviously have knowledge of the pumps.”

Michael Dear works at Spy Centre Security.

“It makes total sense being that Bluetooth is very short-range, easy to install, micro-small,” says Dear.

Consumers or gas station owners could purchase a frequency detector to help stop hackers. The basic ones start at $200 but the more sophisticated instruments that pin-point each, specific frequency, can run up to $500.

Until a frequency detector gets installed, or to just be on the safe side, stop using your debit and credit cards. Also stay away from these outside kiosks. You’ll avoid the skimmers and hackers altogether.

"Now that you've made me aware of it, I’ll probably get cash and go inside and pay,” said Schlossstein.

Police also say to look for gas stations that have security tape strips. If anyone cracked inside the seal would be broken.