Blakely cracking down on illegal trash dumping

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BLAKELY, Ga. (WTVY) The city of Blakely is cracking down on people illegally dumping trash.

City Marshal James Copp says they have had problems with people taking things like mattresses and couches to McLaurin Street and leaving them there.

They have installed several cameras on the street to hopefully cut down on the problem.

Copp says it's all a way to keep Blakely looking it's best.

Copp says, "It's on the city, I live in the city and we wouldn't be doing the people any justice if we didn't take care of the streets we go up and down today."

Gabe Jordan with the Sanitation Department says,
"A small town like Blakely, a lot of people come through here and a lot of people call it home so the better it looks the better for the community."

You can take all trash to the transfer station on Main Street in Blakely for free.

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