Beverlye Intermediate teacher uses crowdfunding to help put books in student hands

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - A lot of change is going on this summer for Dothan City Schools with the construction and moving, and now one Beverlye Intermediate teacher has decided to make a change of her own before the school year starts.

She's started a book drive to hopefully encourage her students to read more.

Tara Singley asked people to sponsor kids in her class.

Essentially, $10 buys 10 books for each student for the whole year.

Not only has she been able to get every kid in her class sponsored, but she's done it for eight classrooms, and she's hoping it doesn't end there.

Tara Singley is getting supplies ready to distribute to each of the classrooms at Beverlye Intermediate this year.

One thing she'd like to have more of aren't textbooks, but fun books.

"Students need to be given a variety of types of reading so they can see,” said Beverlye Intermediate 3rd Grade Teacher Tara Singley. “You'll get a kid that comes in and says they don't like to read. I believe it's because they haven't found the book that's right for them."

Dothan teachers get a magazine each month called the Scholastic Book Club, which has a list of books that students can order to read at home.

"In my years of experience, a lot of times students won't return those order forms because parents can't afford to purchase a book,” said Singley.

Tara doesn't think that should get in the way of students reading, so she decided to take matters up in her own hands.

She posted on Facebook asking for help sponsoring the students in her class.

Ten dollars gets a book for each kid to take home and keep every month.

"There was such an overwhelming response,” said Singley. “People want to help. They love children. They loves schools. They want to help, so they have just continued to give and give from all over the United States."

She already has enough for books for kids in eight different classrooms.

But why stop there?

"Our goal is to try to find enough sponsors for the students in our school so that no child will go home each month without a book,” said Singley.

If she continues getting the support she has, she's hoping to spread the drive even further, to Beverlye’s sister school Hidden Lake.

And, the teachers get points through scholastic when their students purchase the books, which they can spend on their classroom libraries.

"Not only is this going to benefit the students at home, it's going to benefit the teacher, the classroom for years to come,” said Singley.

In addition to the book drive, Beverlye is tackling school supplies in a new way.

Parents will pay $20 and that's it.

The school will provide all the supplies they need.

It's cheaper since the school can buy in bulk, and a lot less of a headache for parents.

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