Better Business Bureau issues alert about Ozark company

Published: Jun. 11, 2019 at 4:38 PM CDT
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Better Business Bureau (BBB) Serving Central & South Alabama is issuing an alert regarding online retailer Frogs & Frills. BBB has received 275 complaints and 37 reviews on the business from victims all over the United States. The company has recently responded to all active (not pending) complaints, resulting in an "NR" rating with BBB. BBB still receives multiple complaints from Frogs and Frills consumers almost daily.

Frogs & Frills sells monogrammed goods, boutique clothing, and farmhouse decor at discounted prices on their website,, Facebook page,, and Instagram, Each of their social media accounts have a sizable following. Their Instagram currently has over 16.2k followers and their Facebook page has over 281k likes.

Jade Chavis of Dothan is just one of the 45 complainants from Alabama. She says she first heard about Frogs and Frills through a friend who showed her the business’s Facebook page. She liked the items and decided to follow the page. On March 27th, she saw a post where they were promoting a monogrammed hat as a “Daily Deal” and decided to place an order. The post said to allow two weeks for shipping.

When the hat still had not arrived five weeks later, Jade emailed the business to inquire about the status of her order. The business owner, Haley Stevens, replied to her email explaining that Jade’s order was sent to the “wrong customer with a similar name” and that a replacement hat was on its way. Two more weeks passed and the hat never came. Jade emailed the business three more times during the month of May to request a tracking number or refund. When she didn’t receive responses to any of her attempts to contact the business, she finally decided to file a complaint with BBB.

“I was told the turnover rate was roughly 3-4 weeks, so I expected to have my product around a month after I ordered and paid for it,” Jade explains, “I know people who have ordered from this company and hadn't had any problems, but my experience was not good at all.”

Jade did finally receive a refund on May 29, 2018, two months after placing her order. She says now all she wants is “for people to know what they could possibly have to deal with if they order from this company.”

Frogs and Frills has been on the BBB’s radar since they first began receiving complaints on the business in 2013 for the same issues customers are having in 2019. Complainants report paying for products and either receiving the wrong product or not receiving anything at all. Complainants also report difficulty contacting the business to resolve their issues.

“This has been going on for a long time,” says David Smitherman, President/CEO of BBB Serving Central and South Alabama, “Shipping and communication seem to be persistent issues with this business, and potential customers of this business need to know what they may encounter.”

The business is no longer located at the location listed on their website, 124 W Court Square Ozark, AL 36360, but supposedly still located in Ozark. BBB spoke to an employee who works in a business next door to Frogs and Frills’s previous location. They said that the business moved to an unmarked brick building down the road but did not know the specific address.

BBB received a response from the business owner, Haley Stevens, via email on July 3, 2018. Haley says they "are working diligently to review all complaints and make sure all products have either been received or are fully refunded" and "are putting systems in place to better serve [their] customers, including decreasing turn around time and improving communication."

BBB would like to remind consumers to research online retailers before doing business and to always file a complaint on when they are wronged by a business.

BBB President/CEO David Smitherman is available for Facetime interview at your convenience. His phone number is 205-558-2219.

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