Beating the Heat at 2016 Toadlick Music Festival

Dothan, AL (WTVY) Day two of the Toadlick Music Festival, and while the stage may just be heating up, the weather is too.

With this years extra hot temperatures, festival organizers are urging everyone to stay hydrated.

There are water stations set up all around the fairgrounds., and they are allowing free refills of empty water bottles.

It's a new extreme for this years Toadlickers, exchanging last years torrential rain storms, for above 90 degree temperatures.

"How are you feeling?..... Very, very hot!," said one Toadlicker.

"It's boiling, and I'm hot," said another.

"I did not expect it to be this hot," said another.

But that's not stopping the crowds from coming out one bit, they are rather making use of the few shaded areas, pools, and abundance of drinks.

"We're trying to sell some shaved ice to cool everyone of." said Heather Merna, owner of "Chill Out" Shaved Ice.

Heather Merna and her family traveled from Orange Beach, Alabama in their "Chill Out" truck to take part in the Toadklick Festivities and offer people a piece of cool.

"Today has been our busiest day... so we're super duper excited.. it's hot and everybody is wanting shaved ice," Merna.

Even though the heat is sweltering...there's plenty of opportunities to cool off and like little Raelynn (a Toadlicker) says, "just enjoy the music."