Beachgoers Hail Bikini on its 70th Birthday

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Calva, Mallorca, Spain (AP) - July the 5th marks the 70th anniversary of the invention of the Bikini in 1946 by Paris fashion designer Louis Reard.

On the Spanish holiday island of Mallorca, a colourful display of bikinis are worn at the Palmanova beach where Spain's famed balearic islands attract millions of tourists every year.

Bikinis have become standard beachwear for women since the 1940's when a more permissive society allowed for women to start showing their mid-rift.

The creator of the bikini Frenchman Louis Reard was both an automobile engineer and clothes designer, he named the new and controversial female swimsuit after the Bikini Atoll where testing on the atomic bomb was taking place.

His nearest competitor Jacques Heim released a similar swimsuit the same year and called it the "Atome".

Due to moral codes of the time, the bikini was felt to show too much female flesh so for the presentation in 1946, Reard had to hire an infamous nude dancer, as no other model was prepared to wear it.

According to research by Global Industry Analysts, two-piece bikini sales in 2012 accounted for 8 billion dollars in the US alone, the projection for swimwear revenue for 2018 is 19 billion US dollars.

The bikini over the past decades has developed into various models such as Unikinis, Microkini and the body covering Burqini.